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You will notice from the pictures above, when you are a guest in our house, you will be able to relax and renew, as well as have a distinctive place to stay when you return from your activities with your friends, sightseeing or whatever suits your needs.
Our story is below. We would love to show you our trademark hospitality.


We were dining as the guest of the owners of a wonderful country inn in upper Vermont when the headwaiter appeared at the table with a telephone call for us. It was Don’s brother in Oklahoma City calling to say he was watching our home in Edmond burn to the ground during the local news. Made for a short dinner and long night.
Arriving home the next day all was lost. Thanks to a wonderful insurance policy we were able to rebuild on a new piece of property not far from the old. We were able to go from the wonderful home of Don’s dreams to the magnificent mansion of Gayle’s dreams. That was fine, with five children and 9 grandchildren someone was always occupying the space. Then, the proverbial “empty nest.”
Having always enjoyed cooking and entertaining we decided to take that ability and use it to meet new friends, share our wonderful home and hospitality and have fun with it.
You are invited to share our beautiful home, unequaled facilities, and unending hospitality.
Please join us for an evening or 2 or 3 and kick back and relax.
Your new Innkeepers,
Don and Gayle Keeton




We are located "across the street" north side of Oak Tree Golf Club, if you should have friends that would need a place to stay for your friendly game, tournaments, vacation visitors, etc.

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